~ It’s Official – We Win! ~


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Mitch Padilla

Republican Nominee


Justice of the Peace - Prescott Precinct

November 8th Election


Proven Leadership 

Ethical Attorney

U.S. Navy Veteran

Pro 2A


GOP Precinct Committeeman – Water District

Yavapai College Board Member – District 5



Quang Nguyen – Arizona LD1 House of Representative
Harry Oberg – Board Supervisor District 1, Yavapai County
Kell Palguta – Town of Prescott Valley Mayor
Pat Kuykendall – Team Red, White & Blue


Ethics, Honesty, and Involvement”

“I am running on my record as an Experienced AND Ethically Sound Attorney” 
Go to the Arizona State Bar below and compare my CLEAN PROFESSIONAL RECORD with those of my two opponents.  Perform your own due diligence and draw your own conclusions.


Arizona State Bar Attorney Discipline Records Please Review – Ethics Do Matter!

Mitch Padilla:  https://www.azbar.org/for-lawyers/practice-tools-management/member-directory/?m=j-padilla-154808
Andy Jolley:  https://www.azbar.org/for-lawyers/practice-tools-management/member-directory/?m=james-jolley-165527
Andre Carman:  https://www.azbar.org/for-lawyers/practice-tools-management/member-directory/?m=andre-carman-146397


Quick Facts

The Justice of the Peace Court serves the communities of:
  • Paulden
  • Chino Valley
  • Williamson Valley
  • Prescott
  • Groom Creek
  • Walker
  • Prescott Valley
  • Coyote Springs
The Justice of the Peace Court hears the following cases:
  • Criminal Misdemeanor Offenses
  • Civil and Small Claims
  • Civil Traffic Violations
  • Forcible Detainers (Evictions)
  • Orders of Protection
  • AND YES … The Justice of the Peace conducts Marriages!
The Justice of the Peace Court also hears similar-type cases from:
  • The City of Prescott (under contract)

Mitch In The Community

It’s Official – We Win!
August 2nd, 2022
With U.S. Senate Candidate Mick McGuire (Cameo by Quang Nguyen) July 23rd
With Prescott Valley Town Council Member Roger Kinsinger at Heritage Park Zoo July 20th
Merilyn and I at a Veterans Group Meeting at Evergreen Village July 18th
Lori and I at the Frontier Days Parade July 2nd
Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo June 29th
Helping Our Community at Prescott Library on Prescott Law Day June 15th
Flag Day June 14th
At the Yavapai County Preparedness Team Meeting in Chino Valley June 11th
At the VA PTSD 5K Walk on the Peavine Trail June 4th

At Quang Nguyen’s Meet & Greet June 3rd
NARTA Class 52 Graduation Day at Yavapai College June 2nd
Memorial Day at the Prescott Courthouse Square May 30th
Yavapai College District Governing Board Workshop with Chair Deb McCasland May 24th
Yavapai County Republican Women meeting with Humboldt Unified
School District Board Candidate Brianne Wolcott May 23rd
Dewey Classic Cruisers Veterans Car Show in Prescott Valley May 21st
Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Grand Opening with Cloyce Kelly May 19th


Prescott eNews Interview with Pat Kuykendall May 19th
Fellow Yavapai College Board Member and Good Friend Chris Kuknyo May 17th
Prescott Valley Days Parade May 7th
Prescott Valley Days Parade May 7th
Yavapai College Graduation May 8th
District Governing Board Member Serving Prescott & Prescott Valley
Prescott Valley Home Show with Quang Nguyen April 30th

Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla:  https://www.mitchpadillalaw.com
"On November 8th, Elect Mitch Padilla for Justice of the Peace”